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Don't know where to find help or who to look to during your transition out of foster care? We have a couple suggestions!


Wyoming Cowboy Challenge Academy is a two-phased voluntary program for Wyoming's 16 to 18 year old at-risk youth. The first phase is a 22 week or 5.5 months residential program followed by a 12-month post-residential or at home phase.

The residential phase of the program takes place in a disciplined and motivational environment promoting structure, teamwork, respect and academics along with leader-ship, health, community service, life skills, job skills, physical fitness and citizenship.

The post-residential phase takes place after graduation from the residential phase. Cadets use the skills learned in the residential phase through their placement in either a job, further education, or the military. Each cadet is matched with a mentor during the residential phase and this mentor helps guide the cadet during their 12-month post-residential phase.

The cadets' training schedule is very intense. Cadets are kept active and engaged in academics, life and job skills training, volunteer service and physical fitness. The eight core components are emphasized through activities and training:

  • Job Skills

  • Academic Excellence

  • Physical Fitness

  • Leadership/Followership

  • Service to Community

  • Health and Hygiene

  • Life Coping Skills

  • Responsible Citizenship

Program Requirements and Benefits:

Applicants Must Be:

  • Between 16 and 18 years of age

  • Withdrawn or considering leaving high school

  • Legal resident of Wyoming/US

  • No felony charges

After completing the program, graduates have the opportunit to enter: school, college, workforce, vo-tech or the military. 

Classes begin in January and July.

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