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The following organizations provided support for Real Life Annie during its foundation and launch for foster youth! Without their support, we would not be where we are today!

A big thanks to Foster Kids Unite Inc. for the support! Located in Wedtchester County, NY, their website is The organization was founded by Tanya Cooper, a former foster youth, in order to provide nontraditional services to aged out foster youth, scholarships, gift boxes for December finals and mentoring! Follow them on Twitter @FosterKidsUnite to stay up to date and learn more information!

Thank you to Family & Youth Initiative for your support! FYI works out of Washington, DC and you can find more information on their organization at! They focus on helping teens in foster care make lasting adult connections and helping these youth find family. If you are looking for a mentor, host parent, or adoption, follow them on twitter @DC_FYI to find more information!

Thanks again to Jeremiah's Promise for assistance and sharing your workshops with RLA! Out of Silicon Valley, CA, the organization strives to love, challenge and equip former foster youth for a better future and they can be visited at! Follow them on twitter @JeremahsPromis for updates and more information!

Ark of Hope, thank you for your support and guidance with RLA! Located in Gainesville, FL, this non-profit organization works to break the chains of abuse for those victimized as kids by child abuse, human trafficking and bullying. Visit @AbusedKids to learn more on twitter!

A big thank you to Michelle Madrid-Branch who is a life Coach at  Furthermore, an author, web series host, speaker, and adoptee who has her own site at! Search @LetHerBeGreater on twitter to find out more!


The Carroll Family (Bob, Diana, Ed, and Shero)

When I aged out of the system, not only did you give me a home but you all allowed me to become a part of the family. Without your compassion or love, my path would have been much different. Thank you for allowing me to become a Carroll!

The Marsh Family (Pastor Vernon, Stephanie, Ja’Niah and Ja’Kiah)

You all have always my greatest supporters and I know I can always rely on you for anything. As my adopted God-family, you have been there for many different stages of my life and I know this will not stop. I love you so much and love knowing that you will always be my family!

Coach Chris Latimer

From your basketball player to your assistant coach, you never stopped mentoring me. You always told me to go for the win and never settle for anything but the best. I will always cherish your guidance sir and thank you pushing me to strive for excellence.

Trevoron Jones​

Sir, you taught me how it is important to become a leader who does not run away from his fears, but allows them to strengthen him so that they can one day be used to help others. Although we were in an ROTC environment, all that you have taught me will be applied to my walk of life so that I can have the strength to help others succeed. Thank you!

Professor Megan Glancy

Ma’am, since I have entered college, you have allowed me to strive and finish with excellence. Even with my overzealous goals of finishing classes, you never stopped me but cheered me on to overcome the impossible. I am so glad you continue to help and mentor me even when I am not your student anymore!

Foster Care Film has also partnered with RLA and can be visited at Their organization produces documentary films that give voices to foster youth! You can get updates on their productions @FosterCareFilm on Twitter!

FAAZ has collaborated with RLA to spread awareness for foster youth and assist those in the state of Arizona! You can visit their website at Their goal is to help youth who have experienced foster care make successful transitions to adulthood and you can learn more @FosteringAdvAZ  on Twitter.

RLA greatly appreciates connecting with Empower Ireland and discussing passions for foster youth! You can visit his website at! As a social care researcher, author, advocate and consultant, Empower Ireland works for the betterment of foster youth. You can learn more on Twitter at @EmpowerIreland!

Removing the Chains is a live chat victim to survivor support site that can be visited at from Ark of Hope for Children.

Everyone who comes into contact with children in care has the potential to help make their dreams a reality."


Amy-Jo Mook

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