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Week 1: Introduction/Origins

Week 2: Fears and Traumas

Week 3: Counseling

Week 4: Film and Music

Week 5: Social Media

Week 6: Creative Process

Week 7: Faith

Week 8: Academics

Week 9: Career Opportunities

Week 10: Conclusion/Present your final project!



Option 1: Select one of the nine disciplines presented during the course. Expound on the idea and write a five page paper on the importance of this discipline to foster youth. You will present your findings during week 10 in a short presentation.

Option 2: Create your own discipline of similar importance to the nine disciplines covered during the course. Write a five page paper on this discipline and its importance to foster youth. You will present your findings during week 10 in a short presentation.

Option 3: During week three of the course, begin daily participation in Jeremiah's Promise isodoit blog: Next Step 1: Turning Heartache into Triumph. Your participation will be logged and reported to the administrator and you will receive feedback daily! After your twenty-one days of participation, begin Next Step 2: Worthy of Respect so that you may complete this section by week nine of the course! During week 10, you will present what you learned and found helpful about the isodit blogs.



Information to follow


Jeremiah's Promise

Next Step 1: Turning Heartache into Triumph

Next Step 2: Worthy of Respect

Visit and "Create Free Account" at the top left hand of the page.


Once you have logged into your new account, select "Day Plan" to the right of your user name in the top left corner.

Select the "Store" tab from the menu bar "Day Plan" "Share" "Create" "Store" "Manage" "Track"

Under the "Search for Education isoBlogs" section, you will see Next Step 1 and Next Step 2. Click on one Next Step 1.

Select "Add to my day plan" and then return to the "Day Plan" Tab. From here you can complete daily activities.

Once you complete Next Step 1, add Next Step 2 to your day plan and complete the daily activities as you did with Next Step 1.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education."


Martin Luther King Jr

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