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Michael Giannini

HEY, my name is mike G.(or Mike Giannini on the low). I grew up in Woonsocket RI and basically was in and out of DCYF since I was born into this world. Maybe that’s the reason for “DCYF” being one of my first songs. It’s something that just came out.. What I can say is that I have learned many things growing up in group homes, foster care and of course from my mom too. These were all places I hated being at times for more than a few reasons, but can now look back and say damn I’m glad I went through that. It’s been hard.  It’s not even cliche to say that's what made me into a huge part of who I am today because I feel in all our lives that’s true for everyone. I know now it doesnt take growing up in DCYF/Fostercare to feel discarded and not wanted, But it sure as hell seemed harder for someone who didnt have a “loving family”. No unconditional love, no passionate guidance.. For kids growing up in the system like me, it was hard to trust..  hard to trust a mom that always said she would try her best to get you back. Hard to trust a social worker that never communicates with you about progress in the case. Hard to trust the counselors/staff/foster family when you know they are just benefiting from work at the end of the week and hard to trust for reasons not mentioned here.


Luckily I have taken my pain and transformed it into something bigger than pain, something more beneficial than pain which is my art and my musqiue. I honestly didnt even know I would be making music. I needed to get away and so I started creating beats. From there I was happy with what I created and was spending so much time doing that it was like this new amazing hobby that kept my mind off of what I didnt want to be filling it with. From there I  just decided to take some of my poetry and fit it in and see what I could do.. Not before long I had 6 songs, one of which is “DCYF”. The reason why I am saying that is because everyone is going to go through something. Take what you have gone through and don’t make someone else feel that. Instead help others to NOT feel the way you did. That’s the stark difference.


Right now, I have a wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts and my memories with the foster care community, thanks to RJ here at Real Life Annie. I plan to help, give advice, mentor the youth as me giving back. This is something I am passionate about and true to myself about..  Perhaps if there weren't a few people who really cared about me along the way I may have not made it out the system the way I did.


Be the change you wish to see in this world.

Thank you, RJ. Sawyer



-Mike G


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